Children’s Rights

Animation Workshop on Children’s Rights

Our goal to initiate this project is to instigate an active dialogue between varied ethnic minorities in Leuven. As visual artists as well as graphic designers we intend to plan and guide a series of creative workshops based on co-creation of children from different minorities. We will create together a short animation film telling a
story about one of the Children’s Rights. Outcome of our creative sessions will be
published within the People of Animation festival in Leuven.

The theme of the animation will be one of the Children’s Rights based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), as:
– Non-discrimination
– Adherence to the best interests of the child
– The right to life, survival and development
– The right to participate

all of them representing the general rights of:
– Survival and development
– Protection
– Participation


artists involved:

Kaja Renkas (graphic design)
Iwona Pom (motion & sound design)