Digital animation on Layers

Digital animation on layers
by Aleksandra Chrapowicka


During this workshop children will be able to choose favorite personages from the animated screenings of A.Chrapowicka and create a new story that takes place in Leuven. On basis of their own scenario, together with the artist A.Chrapowicka they choose a favorite animation technique (pop, layer, cut-out) to perform their animation movie. Digital motion design as well as voice recording will be added as the finishing touch.

Workshop is foreseen for children between 8 – 14 years old


Aleksandra Chrapowicka was born in Lodz, she was studing graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, and next the animated film in The Film School in Lodz, Where she works as the lectures . She is interested in the films dedicated to children. Her films: Where is a Fairy- Tale?, 2009, The Three Cats 2015, The Little Wolf Lupi and the Little Sheep Bobek, 2016, The Dreams of Teddy Bear Walenty 2017, the current project is also dedicated to the children The looking for the Spring.For some years she was making animation to music which was mostly playd live by the different Philharmonic orchestra in Poland.