Children Animation

dir. Aleksandra Chrapowicka


,, Where is a Fairy- Tale?’’ (2009, 11′, 4:3) prod. Studio Indeks, drawing tech.

The film shows a lot of characters of the different fairy- tales. Seven brownies try to find their princess, which disappeared. During their trip they find the different characters from the fairy-tales like The Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother and the Wolf, the Three Pink Pigs, the shoes of Cinderella and the Golden Fish .In the fact they change the edns of the famous fairy- tales. In the end they find their Princess and everything finishes well.

,, The Three Cats’’ (2015, 11’37”, 16:9) prod. A.Chrapowicka

There are three stories told by the three quite different cats- Romeo, Margo and Akins. The first is a love story between homeless cat Romeo and the wonderful dog Julie. The other story is told by Margo, who thinks that in the past she was a cruel princess , and the last story told by Akins, who was an Egiptian King , but he didn’t want to be the king any more , he wants to fight against the mouses, like a real cat. In the end of the film Romeo, Margo and Akins meet each other and find that the friendship is the most important and the best thing in the world.

,, The Little Wolf Lupi and the Little Sheep Bobek’’ (2016, 10′, 16:9) prod. A.Chrapowicka

This is a story about the friendship between the little wolf Lupi and the little sheep Bobek. Though in the fact they should be the enemies. One day alone Lupi meets the little sheep in the forrest. Bobek wants to find his mother because he lost her. Lupi decides to help him to find Bobek’s mother. They go through the forrest together. During their walk the little wolf decides to be a part of herd sheep, because he doesn’t want to be lonely. But unfortunately he becomes hungry as well. So in the fact Lupi decides to become a sheep. All situation is observed by the magpie Martha and commented with a specific sense of humour.

,, The Dreams of Teddy Bear Walenty’’ (2017, 16:9) A.Chrapowicka

The Teddy Bear Walenty spent all his adult life in the cirrus. He was making funny and dangerous tricks all the time, funny for the audience , but not for him, mainly, when he was becaming older and older, and fater and fater. One day he decided to leave the circus to find his relatives. He was walking and walking . One day he noticed the Wolf, he was wounded, and couldn’t move anywhere. Walenty helped him using his magic tricks.