Scenario & Storyboard for Animation


I see it all in my head” – those words of famous film director Alfred Hitchcock are inspiration to creative work with filmmaker Magdalena Wleklik. We start with searching your best stories and answer the question: how to tell the story? Then you construct the full drama from the beggining to the happy end. We use ready-made images, draw or photograph it to express our sensitivity and tell something important about the world around. That the way to see the movie in your head, just like Alfred Hitchcock said.

Author: Magdalena Wleklik – writer, director

She wrote many screenplays for movie and dramas for theatre and radio. This year she premiered the movie “Who are you” by her scenario. In theaters you can watch her drama “Lords”. She is the author of the novel “Prepare for departure” and numerous short stories. She works as a director. Her short movies „Cinema” and „You can be whoever you want” were shown at many festivals, including Cannes Film Festival, RIFF in Rome, Camerimage. She graduated from the National Film School in Lodz with Master of Arts in Tv Realisation and Screenwriting. She is a lecturer at Polish Academy of Science and a member of the board of the Screenwriters Guild at the Association of Polish Filmmakers. For more info click:

duration: 90 min