Animated Film Studio Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

The best of Animated Film Studio Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
Robert Sowa, head of department, presents:

dir. Weronika Kuc 3′ (Poland, 2014) drawing animation
Więź (eng. Bond) is a story about a relationship between two people. An intangible and abstract feeling has been materialized in a form of a red thread. Knots and tangles visualize the character of the relationship.

Weronika Kuc-Więź_1

LILU dir. Martyna Hołda 4` (Poland, 2016) drawing animation. Action is set in an existing place in fact, in cafe Zakopianka on Krakow’s Planty. Lilu is a girl working in a cafe. The film tells her story. This is the story of the moment in which her world is changing. Lilu lost in dreams, fairy tale, and she stumble.

hołda lilu (0-02-53-07)

dir. Karolina Styczeń, 5′ (Poland, 2016) model set, video, 2D
movie shows the way through blue corridor – unidentified space of unknown city, without any people, doors, windows, characteristic moments or signs of life in it. There is only one thing that interrupts this journey – it’s small piece of light, coming closer – then going away. We don’t know where it comes from, not even destination. But we are following amazed by unexpected shape, color and fancy moves – until we achieve the aim.


dir. Piotr Kabat 6′ (Poland, 2016) marker drawing animation
Super Film is an animated short film based on a contemporary mass culture. It is an homage to american movies, TV series and cartoons from the second half of the 20th century. The action takes place in an artist’s sketchbook. That’s where opposing realities of doodles, special effects, Hollywood movies, cartoons and corporate logotypes collide. The film structure is based upon animated sequences. Each sequence is preceded by a still title card representing day of the week. This suggests a time passage. Everything comes to inevitable end and self-destruction. The final sequence reveals a completely new and much greater reality.

Super film Piotr Kabat

dir. Weronika Banasińska 4′ (Poland, 2015) 2D, drawing animation
Short story of four friends who found themselves place and the situation that is not exactly convenient. Story is based on a dream I had.

Weronika Banasińska - Sweet dr2

dir. Sara Divjak 7′ (Poland, 2014) 2D, drawing animation
A young woman moves out of her apartment. She notices that something strange is happening to her body and surroundings. Step by step, her body splits open and water starts to flow out of her only to flood everything around.

Sara Divjak susza

dir. Aleksander Józefczyk 3′ (Poland, 2016) clay, puppet animation
The film tells the story of a mysterious “eco creature” that rebels against the degradation of the Earth by human activity. Creature tries to restore the balance in such a way as in how he can. Creature absorbs human civilization – it dies, but the same is the beginning of new life.

Ecolumbricus - gotowe (0-02-17-02)

dir. Adam Żądło 3` (Poland, 2014) puppet animation
MAGNETICMAN is a story about the principles controlling unlike world. Dominated by the attractive force – similar to „our” magnetism. The world got specific law and target – keeping balance. Magnetic people allow an existence of his huge structure. They need to add their bodies to maintain the balance of the magnetic pot of the world. If we consider MAGNETICMAN in sociological terms, we should ask: what it means to be free in such a world? What we got if we select individual path: self-destruction in solitude or maybe – so important for humans – freedom?


dir. Mateusz Frank 6` (Poland, 2016) drawing animation
Movie “01#” is about cyborgization of a human kind. There are three parts. First one shows evolution of man and human creation of some kind of machine (technology). In second part we see connection example between human and machine in present time. Third part, is about future or more precisely, point where the connection between human and machine, gets on new level.

Mateusz Frank - 01#


Sunday 14 May at 15:00
in Cinema ZED Leuven
(free entrance)